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Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Roller is used in horticulture, landscape gardening, widening roads, construction of internal roads in complexes, etc. Our Vibratory Roller is known for its compact design that makes it the ideal device for asphalt courses and base. Our Vibratory Roller is also very popular and highly in demand for its lightweight and close set of drums that help one to have a clear view of the entire workplace. The double drum design of our Vibratory Roller ensures the required gradient climbing ability eventually resulting in high compaction performance. Our cost-effective and low maintenance Vibratory Rollers make us one of the leading Walk Behind Vibratory Roller Manufacturers in Mumbai.

Technical Specifications

Specification DVR-3000 (walk behind vibratory roller)
Prime Mover (i) 10k.v generator (10 h.p air cooled diesel engine)/ISI Marked
(ii) F/R motor 3h.p 3ph x 960 rpm
(iii) Heavy duty 40:1 reduction gear box
(iv) Hand starter for reverse-forwarding(single speed)
Speed 3km/hr
Vibration 3000 vibration per minute (1h.p 3ph x 1440 rpm electric motor)
Electric opetion 5.5 kva Elect.output for roller when it is in stand condition.
Overall size I x W x H - 1500 x 1050 x 1150 (all dimension in mm)
Lighting One light arrangement for night work