Advantages Of Concrete Block Making Machines

October, 07, 2013

Widely used in the construction sector, Concrete Blocks are also called as concrete masonry unit. They can be either made manually or with the help of the Concrete Block Making Machines. In manual method, Concrete Blocks are compacted with a plate vibrator in single placed molds. Concrete Block Making Machines can produce two to eight blocks in-a-go with the help of a replaceable gang mold system. Compared to blocks made by manual method, machine made Blocks are both superior in strength and finishing. Nowadays, a wide variety of machines are available in the market for making concrete blocks of hollow and solid types.

The vibratory system of the Concrete Block Making Machine is a very essential part. Working on the principle of pressure – vibration technique, they are capable of handling concrete mixes having wide range of consistencies. Concrete Block Making Machines have been marked for their efficiency in producing casting stone blocks, Concrete Blocks, and large aggregate concrete blocks.

Advantages Of Concrete Block Making Machines

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